Citations about dogs
My dog is coming to fill the space left by faithless friends in my heart. There is no envy,
malevolence or hate in him. He does not tell my secrets, he is not jealous for my success and he
does not take delight in my distress.
George Eliot

From that money what we spent on our dog and for all stuff what he destroyed we could have
bought a small yacht. But how many yachts are waiting for you to get home all day long at front
of the door? How many yachts do live for that moment to step onto your lap, or for to slip
downhill licking the face of their master?
John Grogan

The dog has only one goal in the life: to give away its heart.
Joe Randolph Ackerley

The dog does need a luxury car neither a huge house nor expensive clothes. He is content with
a stick found on the curbside. You could be reach or poor, blunt or smart, sharp or imbecile;
your dog does not care. He just asks and gives love. How many people can you say this about?
How many people do like with unconditional and insoluble love?
John Grogan

A boy can learn loyalty and durance from a dog and how to circulate 3 times before going to
Robert Charles Benchley

The hope dies sometimes in a man, but never in an animal. Till he is alive, the hope lives and
lives the loyalty as well.
Eric Knight

The best place of a good dog after his death is in the heart of his master.
Ben Hur Lampman

Actually dogs think they are human beings, most likely a child.
Vilmos Csányi

If we adopt a starving dog and we feed him, it will never bite us. This is the difference between
dogs and men.
Mark Twain

What we are saying to dogs: "Okay, Fifi, that's enough. Leave the rubbish alone. Do you see
what I mean? Leave the rubbish alone, or…" What dogs hear: Bla bla Fifi bla bla bla bla bla bla
bla bla bla Fifi bla bla bla bla bla bla.
Steven Pinker

Dog is the most steadfast friend - the first who welcomes and the bravest who guards.
George Gordon Noel Byron

It does not matter how little money or fortune you have. If you have a dog, you are a rich man.
Louis Sabin

Not the leash does dogs faithful.
Kálmán Mikszáth

Let others bless with grateful soul their master; a dog showed me the way towards life.
Gyula Illyés

The man amuses the dog better than the dog the man from which it comes unambiguously that
the man is the more ridiculous one.
James Grover Thurber

Do not think that tenderness and selfishness inclines us to love animals. They are our siblings,
and they were prepared in the same workshop than the man. They also have minds -
sometimes they are more complicated and more subtle than most of men's. Let others call the
animal affection weakness, mock at you for it - just walk with your dog. You stay in a good
company; and God knows this.
Sándor Márai

We do not have to get the confidence of the dog or his friendship He was born our friend
already - believes in us before he would open his eyes; he had given himself for the men before
he would be born.
Maurice Maeterlinck

God shepherds the steps of the stray, beaten dog also in order for him to be able to take a rest
after a long, tiring journey next to a loving master.
Carol Bigley

Ribizke - like every lonely man - says some words to the dog, and the dog is wagging his tail,
his eyes are laughing, because he likes the soft waving of the human sound. He likes the most
that soothing something which is behind the sound. And he likes the eyes of his master also, in
which there is so much strength, dictation, sometimes anger, but many times happiness. And if
he even puts his hand onto his head, some soft tremble runs throughout his whole body, and it is
necessary to whine because of the happiness.
István Fekete

Man could learn a lot of things from a dog, even if it is so fumbler, than ours - I wrote - Marley
taught me to live all days with a boisterous joy and happiness, to grasp the moment and to listen
to my heart. He taught me to enjoy the simple things: a walk in the forest, the freshly fell snow, a
nap in the winter sunbeam. And when he grew old and he had pain everywhere, he taught me to
stay optimistic among difficulties as well. But foremost I learned from him about the friendship
and the altruism, and above all about the steadfast loyalty. It was an astounding conception, that
I just understood totally now in his death: Marley was my mentor. My teacher and my hero: Is it
possible that a dog - any of the dogs, especially like our nutty, bull-headed - is able to show the
man, what really important is in life? I believe, yes. Loyalty. Courage. Commitment. Simplicity.
John Grogan

You do not always see what resides in the heart of a dog but if you trust him, you give a chance
to him to show it what he can do.
Carol Bigley

There are dogs who were not trained for rescuing people but their instincts and their affection
felt for people make them to be greatly devoted.
Carol Bigley

There is only one thing what my dog likes better than the scratching: the frightening of our
neighbour's mother-in-law.
Thomas Saille

My dog does not know he does not have to pinch the arm of his master when he pets some
other dog, or maybe - God forgive it - a cat. Even so the master still loves him and only him, he
does not have to make a jealousy scene.
Thomas Saille

My dog does not suspect that the street is for everybody, everybody has the right to use it Even
front of our house.
Thomas Saille

I have to teach my dog that because it hisses and moves sometimes the garden hose is not an
Thomas Saille

My dog believes that Santa Claus stuffs my children's shoes only in order for him to have
something to gobble up.
Thomas Saille

If I only would have known it... that a puppy entails at least as many troubles as a baby.
Thomas Saille

My dog cannot make distinction among strangers. I explained it to him a thousand times that he
must give a heart attack to the postman but his duty is to drive away the electricity bill collector.
Thomas Saille