About Us
We bought the founder dog of our kennel in 2008. At the beginning, we went to dog shows as
viewers, and later as handler as well. After we have got acquainted with the breed more and
more and have made friends with some breeders - knowing what we sign up for and what our
Our goal is to spread the word about Saint Bernards and to breed excellent quality dogs in such
environment which can ensure harmonious, healthy and solicitude atmosphere. Our dogs live
not in a 8-10 m2 locked-up dog-kennel - the whole garden is theirs. It is a delusion that Saint
Bernards do not like to move!
We like to deal with dogs - either taking them to dog shows or training them. We think that the
socialization of the dogs is really important, so we take them to company and to dog school
regularly. We do not plan to have 8-10 breeding dogs - we do not do this for a living - therefore
it is possible that in certain periods our visitors do not find puppies for sale.
Before buying a dog we encourage everybody to get more information. Look at the websites of
the breeders, talk with them, go to some dog shows where you meet these beautiful dogs and
can talk with the breeders. If you decide to buy a dog, that must be a responsible decision!